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Hello!  Do you always want to run your own business, be your own Boss, be in control of your own earnings?  This could be the opportunity for you!  How about owning a Caribé Restaurant or one of our Takeaways?

We are franchising the Caribé Brand to expand our authentic Caribbean Cuisine across the UK and the USA!  

There are currently 3 options available:

  1. Caribé Restaurant & Bar

  2. dHoris Fast Food Takeaway (lower level of investment)

  3. dHoris Mobile pods/kiosk (seriously low investment to start up and start trading)

All of which are very profitable with low level of investment and we can get Franchisees up and running within weeks for option 2 & 3!

For more information and to request our Franchise brochure, please email us and we will get back to you and discuss your interest!  EMAIL US NOW


The storey of Caribé began 29 years ago in the rustic countryside of Jamaica.   Clinton’s passion was always creating flavourful and authentic food.   By the age of 7, Clinton started making various concoctions and became the chef for his family while his parents were at work.

As the years went by, Clinton spent a lot of time with his grandma and looked forward to her return from the weekly market (shopping trips) because of the goodies/ingredients she would bring home which included fish, meat, vegetables and fruits unique to the Caribbean.  He was always eager to help unpack, clean the raw meat, fish and marinade for his grandma.  In those days, there were no refrigerators or freezers to preserve the food; so his Grandma preserved meat, fish etc. using all natural processes, salt and smoke.    Clinton remembers massaging salt into the fish, pork, chicken and stringing them up in the ceiling of the makeshift zinc kitchen. After a few days, the meats, fish etc. would be well preserved with the first coat of marinade before adding a second portion of marinade before cooking.

This is a synopsis of where Clinton’s grandma’s secret ingredients began. Since then, Clinton added his own ingredients, along with recipes from his mom and dad that formed the core for the Caribé brand.

Clinton has stuck to his homage and setup his own eatery preserving the memories and ingredients of his Grandma whom he learned so much from. Now Clinton’s Hospitality Group is comprised of a team of professionals originally from the Caribbean, with over 40+ years of experience in the Caribbean cuisine arena. Our track record is a testament of our prospect for growth and expansion.

We undoubtedly have something different to offer and this has been proven on many occasions at our sites in Nottingham and various events, even those associated with Mr Graham Swann’s (ex-England Cricketer) charity event that attracted over 1300 attendees whom we catered for.

The Concept
Caribé will bring an original and authentic Caribbean taste & experience to a market that is poised for demanding diners.


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